Where does this show appear?
On your YouTube channel as well as on “My News Channel” website.

Who is the host of this Show?
You or someone you choose.

Who comes up with ideas for every show?
Our team finds the best way to show your business.

Who does the camera work and edit the show?
Our in-house professional team.

Where do I start?
Lets talk!

What’s the difference between having a video about my business and hosting a news show?




Video about my company

You talk about You.

It’s just another video in the ocean of content

"Can we have a meeting to talk business?"

News show

Real news from your field and area of expertise creates credibility and serve your business. With every show your audience will learn to get to know and trust you.

You are hosting a monthly/weekly show with specific segments. You will reach your targeted audience.

“Can I interview you for my monthly show.”