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Protect your choreography.

Choreography Dance has been protected under the copyrights act for almost 50 years and it is enforceable on the internet with a few simple steps. Here is how

The Obstacles in Reshoring.

Companies and governments are trying to create a North America’s Supply Chain to compete with Asia. Where is the bottleneck? Is the new free trade agreement USMCA helps and how?

Adjusting to climate change.

Companies are forced to adjust themselves to climate change. How to prevent water from evaporating? How to create seeds that are strong enough to produce while water gets saltier. How to grow and produce in Uganda’s jungle?

Supply Chain.

Supply chain crisis leads companies to search for new production sites, Where are they going? Welcome to our first episode to find out.

Dr. Michael Hayden about covid19 vaccinations in Canada.

Dr. Michael Hayden UBC Killam Professor, explains to Limor and Shay how Canada should be prepared for the next pandemic.

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